8 Best Bearded Dragon Leash and Harness

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Getting a good leash and harness is a mandatory aspect of keeping bearded dragon as your pet. You need to take bearded dragon out once in a while to make it exercise or play in the outdoor. These physical and mental exercises cannot be done and that is the prior reason of taking this little creature out. But without investing in a good leash and harness you cannot take it out.

You may get worried thinking if getting leashed will offend your bearded dragon and how it will react on being handled. We can assure you that bearded dragons are naturally calm by nature so it does not mind when you put a harness around it.


Top Bearded Dragon Leash and Harness

In fact it likes to stay around the owner when it gets adjusted with him or her. So you can keep it leashed and it will not act angrily with you. The only thing is you need to extra cautious while putting the harness around its neck, so it does not hurt it. You can good hide box to keep it comfortable later.

There are different criteria and features of a good leash which we will be describing below along with a few good quality leashes available in the market.

Watfoon adjustable bearded dragon leash 

This adjustable leash for bearded dragon comes with wings. The innovative design makes the wearing of the leash easy and also it keeps the dragon’s neck safe.

This one is made with leather and this is not a stiff material to make the dragon uncomfortable. The leash is pretty simple to use and the length is 5 ft which means you can make the dragon walk easily on the ground while holding it.

There are three different sizes available for the leash, which are just perfect for the dragons of any sizes.

WATFOON Adjustable Lizard Leash Bearded Dragon Harness Soft Leather Cool Wings Training Leashes for Reptiles Leopard Gecko Anole Hamster Rats Rabbit Bird Small Pet Animals (L, Black Green)

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The rope available with this Watfoon leash is pretty soft and manageable with which you can handle the bearded dragon while walking outside. There are varieties of colors available for this leash and you can choose yours from the range. While using this leash you need to remember that the leash should not be tightened much so not to make the dragon feeling stiff or uncomfortable around neck. This may hurt its spine or neck.


  • Different colors and sizes
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy maneuvering


  • Some dragons face the size issue

T-Rex Comfort Leash for Bearded dragon

This is a nice piece of leash which is made with soft leather. There is a suede part in it which can be placed under the neck of the dragon. The cord can be used to tighten the leash comfortably on the neck.

Like the previous one, it also has different sizes so you can get the right sized leash for your small or big dragon. There is pivoting safety clasp with adjustable clinch so the dragon never gets released from it while you are walking outside.

T-Rex Lizard Accessory - Comfort Leash X-Large

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According to the users, this T-Rex leash is really easy to put on, specially on the smaller dragons.

The length of the rope may not be adequate for the taller people, so they can get additional rope to fit in. bigger ones as well as smaller ones can be fitted with this leash. However, check the sizes as most bearded dragon will be fitted into the small or extra small sized leashes.


  • Soft leather made
  • Woven lace
  • Easy to use


  • Size not fit for all

Funpetlife small pet animal harness and leash angel wings

Your pet will be safety caught and enjoy the outside walk while you will get hold of it by the Funpetlife leash. There is H shaped harness which is something unique among harness and leashes. The leash is fitted around the breast of the reptile and also stays attached to the neck.

The long leash makes it easy to move around to places with the pet on the ground.

FunPetLife Small Pet Animal Harness and Leash Angel Wings for Bearded Dragon Reptile Lizard Gecko Baby Ferret Chinchilla Mouse Chipmunk Squirrel Gerbil Degu Rat-Red

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The material of this leash and harness is soft and breathable. So you do not need to worry about the well being your little reptile. The locking clip of the leash makes the pet attached to the harness. This one is pretty stylish too so it will make your bearded dragon look smart and cute when it will roam outside.

Angel wing shaped harness and color coded leash are nice details to improve the style of the pet. The different colored options for this leash give you the opportunity to choose the right colored leash to match the complexion of your pet. The soft lining of nylon inside the leash makes the pet move easily while wearing it.


  • Adjustable harness
  • Color options
  • Soft lining
  • H shaped design


  • Not great for small ones


Starroad TIM adjustable lizard leash

This is a pet friendly leash which will surely be liked by your reptile friend. There are varied unique designs available for this leash. While wearing this leash your pet will look smart and distinctive among rest walkers in the park.

There are three different sizes available for this leash, specifically small, medium and large. The small size is perfect for most of the bearded dragons.

STARROAD-TIM Adjustable Lizard Leash Reptile Harness Bearded Dragon Harness Leash (S M L 3PCS) with Wings for Small Medium and Large Reptile Amphibians

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The Starroad leash is built with soft leather material which is really kind of the body of the bearded dragon. The neck will not be hurt anyway when you will make the dragon wear this leash.

The material is also non-toxic and there is no chance of getting harmed by this leash. The adjustability of the leash makes it super comfortable.

This is also quite easy to install. The nylon cord leash makes it helpful when you need to control the movement of your pet. There are wings designed for your pet and you will love the look once it is attached to your pet’s body.


  • Adjustable
  • Different sizes available
  • Soft nylon cord


  • Price is high
  • Availability

Ogle Lizard leash

This is a nice fluorescent colored leash which is available to keep the reptile of yours safe. The previously described T Rex model is much similar to the pattern of Ogle lizard leash. There is a piece of vinyl which has the openings for the legs of the reptile.

This one is a classic designed leash which is hand-made. For bearded dragons, this leash is perfect when you take it to the nearby park or road trip. You need to measure your dragon for the perfect size of the leash or you will end up buying a size bigger which will give the dragon a chance to slip out of it.

Ogle Lizard Leash, Limited Edition Black Web (Small Size)

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The putting on system is pretty easy. You need to push the button on the toggle of the leash and then move it to the back. The knot at the cord will be formed.

Now you need to spread the sides of the harness on the body of the dragon. You can now tug both the sides of the leash so the open space of the harness and the cord stays apart. Now a v shape will be formed under the neck of the dragon and the head of it along with legs will be slipped through the adequate gaps. Now you need to pull the cord so the harness fits snugly on its body.


  • Nice fitting
  • Smart colors
  • Trustworthy
  • Not harmful for the dragons


  • Little overpriced

Rypet 3 packs bearded dragon harness and leash

Made from comfortable material. This is a nice and durable harness which is available in three different sizes. The adjustable rope makes it fitted to the body of the reptile while you will be holding the other end of it. The soft handmade Rypet harness and leash is made of leather and nylon rope which are non toxic.

RYPET 3 Packs Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash Adjustable(S,M,L) - Soft Leather Reptile Lizard Leash for Amphibians and Other Small Pet Animals

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Also this is a tasteless item so there are fewer chances that the dragon will try to nibble at it. This is much comfortable for the bearded dragon and after few times, it will not get agitated when you will try to make it wear this leash.


  • Safe material
  • Good for taking the dragon out
  • Easy to put on


  • Difficult to change harness size
  • Not good for large dragons


NT_Big Adjustable Reptile Lizard harness

There are quite a few different colors available for this harness. It is much simple in terms of using. The color and style of this harness makes it look like a fancy item but it is quite functional.  There is a loop which you can fix around the abdomen of the bearded dragon so the legs remain free.

The leash of this particular harness is not big enough. It is barely 3 ft. long with means you need to add some more ropes to handle the dragon on the road.

Serdokntbig Adjustable Reptile Lizard Harness Leash Adjustable Multicolor Light Soft Fashion

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This is named as a training harness as it makes the movement of the dragon easy along with gives you the chance of directing the dragon as per your choice. This is a lightweight thing so it will not burden the bearded dragon off.


  • Lightweight
  • Different color choices available
  • Simple to use


  • Not strong enough


Flameer Leopard Gecko Harness Leash

This is something much lightweight and simple harness to put on. It is again a great leash for training the dragon. This is a cloth made item with the use of iron chain. This is a great item for the small lizards as they can fit easily within this harness.

Flameer Leopard Gecko Harness Leash Reptile Lizard Parrot Bird Rat Hamster Sugar Glider Crested Outing Leashes Iguana Ropes Black (Angel Wings)

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This Flameer harness comes with angle wings design and it makes the small dragons look cute and unique. You can comfortably carry the bearded dragon when you are out with it for an evening or morning walk. You can also train your dragon to walk on the road with the help of this leash.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Cloth and iron made
  • Good for training


  • Availability issue


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