6 Best Bearded Dragon Water Drippers

Bearded dragons are not much fond of water. The water they intake is most through the food. The vegetables and pieces of fruits that they intake are the willing way of making them have water. Leafy vegetables like kale or collards in their diet help them to stay hydrated.

Bearded dragons are from the deserted area of Australia and thus they do not need to be within water for a longer time or consume lots of water.

But not always that water quantity is ample. Keeping a shallow water bowl often helps. Most of the new bearded dragon parents do that so the dragon takes some water when they feel thirsty. They sometimes lick the water drops that are anywhere in the surface.


Best Bearded Dragon Water Dripper

Also, when you keep the water pot inside their terrarium they sometimes sit on it to get the water absorbed through the pores on their skin.

However, providing them with clean and fresh water in their enclosure is a mandatory task for the pet owner.

Zoo Med Labs Drip System
  • 1:Distributes even water
  • 2:Comes with water flow regulator
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Magnaturals reptile water dripper
  • 1:Non toxic material
  • 2:Easy to install
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WACool Automatic Reptile water dripper
  • 1:Natural look
  • 2:Activated carbon filter
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Here we will be suggesting you a few ideas of good quality drippers which may help you to keep your little bearded dragon hydrated. Here are our the Best Bearded Dragon Water Drippers.

1. Zoo Med Labs Drip System

This comes in a pack which contains 2 drippers. These drippers work in a way which stimulates the rainfall. It makes the atmosphere within the terrarium humid and thus the dragons will absorb the extra moisture through the skin pores. The dripper works for a long time, while you only have to refill the water into it. The dripper valve is adjustable and quite easy to place or remove. The carrying handle along with this dripper makes it easy to move from one place to another.

Zoo Med Labs Drip System - Little Dripper (2 Pack)

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This is pretty useful when the bearded dragon of yours is not having water for a long time. It is a natural habit among the desert creatures. But it can cause constipation in them as they are not in their natural habitat. So to ensure the water intake, you must install a water dripper in their terrarium which will make the air naturally humid and thus will allow the dragon to ingest water in their system.


  • Works nicely
  • Distributes even water
  • Comes with water flow regulator


  • A few drippers come with punctured jar

2. Magnaturals reptile water dripper Mojave

This water dripper contains 2 cups of water. It comes with a second valve which allows the water to be dispensed evenly. The Magnaturals dispenser is made with non-toxic material so it will never harm the reptiles even if you keep it within the enclosure.

Polyurethane foam resin made body of this dispenser makes it easy to clean. The enclosure of the dripper is covered with magnetic force and this system comes with lifetime guarantee. The dripper should be kept at a thick glass top which can hold its weight supportively.

Magnaturals Reptile Water Dripper Mojave - Magnetic Decor

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As glue or Velcro attachment is not there, you can move it from one place to another easily. This is a pocket friendly item which helps you to stay within the budget and yet arrange for the dripping system for your pet reptile. This item does to occupy much space so you can easily install it in any terrarium.


  • Easy to install
  • No Velcro or glue
  • Non toxic material


  • Drip system faults sometime

3. WACool Automatic Reptile water dripper

This is a drinking fountain dispenser which is just perfect for the reptiles kept in a terrarium. This WACool dripper comes with upgraded pump which does not burn out easily. This one is also a quiet machine and does not emit much sound while working.

It also works efficiently and shuts off when the power is off. So there will be no chance of dry burning. Made from ABS material, this dripper is one of the safest options for the reptiles. The design of this dripper is more like a fountain and it makes an exquisite décor for the terrarium. As the water flows from the leaves, it works as an excellent stimulus for the bearded dragons.

WACOOL Automatic Reptile Water Dripper Drinking Fountain Water Dispenser Water Fountain Feeding Bowl for Chameleon Amphibians Insects Lizard Turtle Snake Frog Gecko

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The dripper comes with 800 ml capacity which ensures that you will get the dripping for a long time.  You do not have to refill the water for minimum 5 days with it. There is dual filtration system in this dripper that works with activated carbon filter cotton as well as checkered board system. It offers purest water for your small pet.


  • Natural look
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Runs for days


  • Need to place higher

4. Ninuo Reptile water dispenser

This is a drinking water dipper bowl which is made from non-toxic material. This large water dish will be able to make your bearded dragon consume ample water and make it healthy. This will work as a source of fresh clean water inside the terrarium.

The water will be continuously flowing from this dispenser and thus will keep the air of terrarium humid. This one looks like a waterfall with its eye-pleasing design. It also makes the surrounding look natural for the bearded dragon.1000 ml of water can be dispensed from this dripper which means you need not to be worried about the regular job of changing or filing water.

Ninuo Reptile Water Dispenser - Snake, Gecko, Chameleon, Tortoise, Bearded Dragon Drinking Water Dripper Bowl for Your Pet Reptiles - Large Nontoxic Fountain Water Dish – Terrarium & Tank Accessories

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A week is sufficient time to run with this much water. There are suction cups at the bottom of this dispenser to keep it stably put on the floor of the enclosure.

You must adjust this fountain to the glass surface of the terrarium to keep it stable. The bows are made from non porous food grade resin which completely supports the health of the dragons. The water will be purified by carbon pad so your pet gets to drink pure water. It comes with 110V DC pump and it lasts pretty long.


  • Non fussy water dripping
  • Long lasting motor
  • Stable suction cups
  • Carbon pad for filtration


  • High priced


5. REPTI ZOO humidifier fogger

This large reptile humidifier is just perfect when you have a huge enclosure at home where you can keep more than one bearded dragon. Within 12 hours of working time it offers humidity from 300 ml water per hour. It will leave your bearded dragons amply humidified even if they do not consume much water. It works on the long term basis and you do not have to refill it with water.

Adding water is also very easy with this humidifier as you can simply pour the water from the top surface. No water leakage is possible in this machine as it comes with upgraded design. For the misting, there are different systems with different amount of mist distribution. You can increase or decrease the speed of mist to match the weather and need of the dragons.

Zoo Med Reptifogger Terrarium Humidifier

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Intermittent timing schedule of the spray makes it more effective. Also you can check the duration of spray time and modify it according to your need.

There is memory function in this gadget which will keep the setting intact once you set its features. It will follow the setting of last time and continue to work. This is not a perfect gadget for the first time pet owners, as there are too many discreet features to set as per your confidence and the bearded dragon’s convenience.


  • Time adjustment
  • Speed of mist control
  • Humidity controller
  • Efficient working


  • Unit need to be kept raise

6. Nomoy Reptile fountain water dripper

This is a great way to provide fresh water to your bearded dragon within its terrarium. The natural waterfall look stimulates the bearded dragon and it makes them feel like they are living in their natural habitat. It contains 1000 ml of drinking water and it will last a week, after which period you need to refill this dripper. This gadget is pretty easy to set up or clean.

Thus you can use it when you bring the bearded dragon for the first time. Made from non-toxic material, this dripper will be much helpful for the bearded dragon when they do not drink the necessary amount of water willingly.

NOMOY Reptile Chameleon Drinking Fountain Water Dripper, Suitable for Snake, Gecko, Chameleon, Tortoise, Bearded Dragon Drinking Water Dripper Bowl, Reptile Habitat Waterfall Fountain Water Dish

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This is a simple gadget and you do not have to install it. After filling water you can simply plug it in and start using. Even there is a suction cup at the back to make it stand on the usual glass surface of the terrarium. This is a power saving and energy efficient unit which also works calmly.

It will not disturb you by the harsh sound of motor and thus you can easily keep it at home without disturbing the family members. There is a little fake plant in this fountain which makes it look more attractive and natural.


  • Adequate water supply
  • Non-messy set up
  • Easy to handle
  • Great for the beginners


  • Need to refill every 2-3 days.


Bearded dragons need somehow little water to run the system but still they do not usually drink that much water from the bowl that is kept near them. So bathing and misting are among different techniques, which can be helpful to provide them the required hydration.

The owners are always looking for new and innovating methods for keeping the dragons healthy and balanced, so here we have offered some suggestions that may increase the water intake of the dragons. Hope it will help the dragon owners in choosing the right kind of dripper or humidifier in future.