Best 7 foods for Bearded Dragons

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The bearded dragons are the medium sized lizards which can be kept as pets. If you have brought home the new pet, or if you are interested in knowing how you can keep your bearded dragon healthy then go through the below article and you will know about it clearly.

Taking sweet tropical fruits, greens, vegetables and thd worms are the favorite of these species. They having a varied diet in which they get different foods, natural sweet, and obviously the omnivorous diet.

Best 7 foods for Bearded Dragons

Go reading ahead so that you know what food you can feed your little bearded dragon. The bearded dragon needs a varied diet which involves a lot of edible options and slong with that a fun reptile that they can eat.


What  Bearded Dragons love to eat?

Bearded dragons eat a wide variety of foods which involves, cricket, worms, mealworms, sweet potato and leafy greens. They also like to eat fruits and vegetables.

The food list that we will discuss in our section nelow will help you to know what food you can feed your bearded dragon.

It will have complete detail on the best 7 foods and what is the best for them. Since the bearded dragon has a lot of animals in its diet therefore 75% of the diet should include crickets, worms and small creatures.

The green vegetables and the fruits are in 20% of their diet.

Food and diet

The bearded dragon should be wild and should eat wild. Therefore inckude meat, fruits and greens in the diet. As the bearded dragon gets older he would reduce the amount of meal and might not get to exercises as his other wild cousins like to do. Do not feed too much meat as it leads to obesity.

The bearded dragon food list that we will discuss will help you know that which diet you should include in the diet and how often you need to feed them. You can easily purchase these foods. The right diet is necessary for the care of bearded dragon.

Best 7 foods for Bearded Dragons

Commercial Food

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The bearded dragons are little eaters. The bearded dragons that are 13 months old should have a dirt that has about 80% of fruits and veggies. It should have about 20% of insects.

Papaya is a fruit that is the part of lizards diet. It is a great source of fiber. To feed papaya to your bearded dragon you need to peel the papaya. After that remove the seeds of the papaya and chop the fruit finely to feed it to your baby lizard. Your bearded dragon will love this exotic fruit.


Kiwi is a great treat for the bearded dragons and it should be given to them only occasionally.

Fresh kiwi gives the dragons an exotic taste and along with that they get high amounts of oxalic acid abd vitamin C. This will bind calcium easily. It is good to feed your bearded dragon with kiwi but you need to do it only twice a month.


Bearded dragons enjoy the raw fig diet anf once in a week. This gives them fibre and calcium. Figs are basically dried and to feed them to your bearded dragon you need to be sure that you cut them in small pieces before you feed them.

Figs are regarded as one of the special treats that can make a great snack for your pet. You will not get a better source of calcium to feed your bearded dragon.


Broccoli is a vegetable that you can feed your bearded dragon. You can feed this on occasional basis just as you feed the figs. If you haven’t noticed, bearded dragons like variety and varied themes in their diet.

This is a great food for your bearded dragon, but you should not feed a lot of broccoli and vegetables to the pet as it may cause thyroid dysfunction.

You can feed the broccoli stalks or the leaves after chopping and shredding them.

The green vegetables and broccoli ate the powerhouse of nutritions. You can add much more protein if you want..


Kale, is like broccoli. This can be fed to the bearded dragon easily on occasional basis. They like vegetables in big pieces and strips. If you feed your lizard the little kale salad theb it is hoing to be a healthy dose for them. It has vitamins, but do not overfeed it.

You should feed them with kale once or twice a week.


This is a green which should be staple in evety diet of bearded dragon. This js beneficial to the lizard and when it is mixed with other greens. This provides high source if calcium without any side effects. There will be no after effects of overeating.

Give this to your bearded dragon in chopped pieces and stripes and let them enjoy. If you are in a doubt about what you should give your bearded dragon, then you should not think much and give it a little to them for eating.

This vegetable is exceptionally healthy and is a good part of the diet.

King worms

These should be fed only after the bearded dragons reach a length of 16 inches. If the bearded dragon has not reached this size, and if you feed them the worms, the bearded dragons wont be able to digest it.

This can be a staple insect in the lizards diet and they give a large amount of protein and fat to the your pet. These are recommenced two to five per day and every day.

Wax worms

Wax worms are a great treat to the favorite lizard and they should be given occasionally to them.

These worms are addictive and you should give them very often. Otherwise they will refuse to eat anything else and only eat the wax worms. Try treating your pet with the wax worm once a week and you will see your lizard happy.

Vitamins and calcium in the bearded dragon diet

Calcium deficiency cause a lot of problem to you and might cause a metabolic bone disease to them. Even if you give a varied diet to the bearded dragons, they can be benefitted with supplements.

It is better that you buy a tub of calcium anf multi vitamin powder for your pet. These are not too expensive and you can buy these easily.

You just need to dust this powder on their food and vegetables. Put them in container if you give them live food or sprinkle them on it. It is better that you do not mix the supplements.


You need to feed your bearded dragon with appropriate amount of diet and along with that it should be varied. Give them live food, fruits, vegetables and also take care of the calcium and vitamins.