5 Best Lighting for a Bearded Dragon (Reviewed)

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If you are owner of a bearded dragon and wish it to live longer and healthier life, then a good quality lightning bulb is necessary.

If you have just bought a bearded dragon and do not know why you need to keep a good quality light in its cage, then this is for your information. Providing best quality light to your dragon is mandatory to keep it in good health.

The perfect light emits the heat that replicates natural sunlight. The UV radiation that is present in natural sunray is good for bearded dragons. Check out Best 9 UVB Bulb For Bearded Dragon Reviews


Top Lighting for a Bearded Dragon

When we keep them as pets, we need to provide the artificial UV lights. The UV rays can be procured from some particular branded lights only. So here we will be discussing the best brands of lights that will help you to keep your pet healthy and happy.

1. Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 High Output UVB Lamp

The wavelength of Zoo Med ReptiSun is really effective for your bearded dragon. It has been chosen by many users and most of them are satisfied with the outcome.

Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 High Output UVB Fluorescent Bulb, 15 Watts, 18-Inch

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  • The light emitted from this bulb helps the dragon to stay in good health and increases the appetite.
  • The dragon remains active throughout the day. Not only that, its reproductive behavior also changes for good.
  • Your pet will get vitamin D3 as it will be synthesized in its body.
  • The radiation of this light will also help your pet in calcium absorption.
  • The lamp is with full spectrum and it emits low heat. So it will not harm your pet if it is lighted for longer hours.
  • The China based brand has procured the best of the heat emission light which will be offered at the best price to you.
  • The light does not need any special type fixtures so you can fix or mount it anywhere horizontally or vertically. It will fit to any shaped and sized enclosure.
  • The bulb emits maximum amount of UV rays as it uses the UVB transmitting quartz glass.
  • This is really a good light for the dragons which are not feeling well. You can see the difference within a week.


  • Energy efficient
  • Pocket friendly
  • Emits 10% UV rays
  • No particular fixture needed


  • Heat not enough
  • Size does not cover large enclosure

2. Exo Terra Repti-Glo 10.0 Compact Fluorescent Desert Terrarium Lamp

You may choose compact fluorescent bulb which is a new addition for the equipments of the pets. These are high efficiency bulbs and are used by many pet owners now.

Exo Terra Repti-Glo 10.0 Compact Fluorescent Desert Terrarium Lamp - 13W

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  • The bulb has much high intensity and it offers greater output of UV rays.
  • These bulbs are smaller in size so you can fit them into any smaller sized enclosures.
  • No need of long ballast hood like it needs by the fluorescent tubes.
  • You can replace the bulbs on every six months to get the bests result. The bulbs usually have longer lifetime but if the intensity decreases, then it is better get it replaced.
  • This lamp is best for almost any kind of desert dwelling animals. It can provide best light and heat in the artificial atmosphere.
  • The environment gets stimulated in great amount with the presence of Exo Terra Repti-Glo lamp.
  • Ultra High UVB output is another great feature of this lamp and it is effective up to 20 inch of area.
  • If you use screened terrarium or dense screened terrarium cover then this fluorescent bulb will be more effective. It will get your enclosure a better lighted area.
  • UVB ray emission in necessary amount is the specialty of this lamp.
  • The users claim that these bulbs last long.


  • Small in size, Compact
  • Good amount of UV emission
  • Long lasting


  • Not potent for larger enclosures

3. Mega Ray Mercury Vapour Lamp

This high performance bulb offers sufficient UVB rays to your pet. Mega Ray light is a mercury vapor bulb. The heat it produces is just the right amount for making your dragon comfortable and at home.

Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb - 275 Watts (120V)

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  • The heat production is great so your pet will be satisfied and healthy.
  • As it provides best amount of heat for basking of your pet, energy is saved and thus this bulb is cost effective.
  • As this bulb lasts longer, Mega Ray mercury vapor lamp also saves your money. You do not need to replace this bulb often.
  • There is self-ballast system working in this bulb which ensures the safety while using this bulb. Emission of UVC is prevented through this system, which causes harm to the health of your pet.
  • You can choose from higher wattage system to choose from. The maximum voltage capacity is 160 watts.
  • The degraded health condition of your bearded dragon will be improved as Mega Ray mercury vapor lamp will be getting just the right amount of heat and UV rays. The artificial habitat will never make it miss the natural atmosphere.


  • Right amount of UVB production
  • Money saving as you can choose from different wattage
  • Self ballast system saves your pet from UVC ray.


  • Cannot be used with dimmer switch

4. Evergreen Pet supplies 100 watt Mercury Vapor bulb

This is another great brand of mercury lamp which offer adequate amount of heat and light to the cute pet of yours. This branded lamp is cheaper but not ineffective.

100 Watt UVA UVB Mercury Vapor Bulb / Light / Lamp for Reptile and Amphibian Use - Excellent Source of Heat and Light for UV and Basking - by Evergreen Pet Supplies

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  • The Evergreen 100 watt mercury bulb works great, and some users claim that this one works better than some of its pricey competitors.
  • This is a perfect daylight lamp which will provide your pet UVA, UVB and visible light. This is a self ballasted bulb which ensures no emission of harmful UVC.
  • Warmth and vitamin production is the main criteria of the bulb. You will be able to keep various kinds of reptiles in the enclosure with this bulb fitted in.
  • The Evergreen 100 watt mercury bulb is perfectly suited with all the enclosures. Vivarium, terrarium, tank or vision cage, all kinds of enclosures will be lighted with this bulb.
  • The manufacturer perform 3-step test on each of the bulb, thus you can be sure that all the bulbs are in working condition.
  • Customer service of this brand is also top rated, so you can get back to them when faced any after sales problem.
  • There is a direction manual included in the packaging. The bulb comes equipped with good quality ceramic socket and a large dome for this high watt bulb.


  • Ideal for various reptiles
  • Self ballasted
  • Suitable for all kinds of enclosure


  • Not long lasting

5. Zilla UVB Fluorescent bulb 18 inch

This bulb is an all in one solution for the users who needs more from one item. Zilla UVB Fluorescent bulb is a bit complicated when it comes to fixtures, but the output it offers is worth the trouble.

Zilla Reptile Habitat Lighting UVB Fluorescent Desert T8 Bulb, 15W

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  • The mercury vapor bulb from Zilla provides UVA, UVB and heat to your cute little beardie. It stays healthy and fit in the enclosure with the help of this fluorescent bulb.
  • This bulb is longer lasting and thus once you invest into it, you do not need to replace for a longer period.
  • Zilla bulb is perfect for all the desert dwelling animals. The rays it procures are good for metabolism of the reptiles.
  • Zilla UVB Fluorescent bulb is full spectrums light which enhances the natural colors of the animals, by keeping the atmosphere vibrant and close to natural.
  • You may need to replace the bulb once in a year as it lasts longer than usual UVB bulbs. You will get the worth of money back.
  • The bulb should be hung above the tank of the reptile to keep it healthy. The amount of heat it emits may be too harsh for the little dragon if you put it inside the enclosure.
  • It is better to use this bulb with Zilla T8 Strip light fixture to get the best effect.


  • Great and powerful
  • Emits UVB and UVA perfectly
  • Long lasting
  • Keeps the reptiles healthy and perky


  • Too much heat emission.

When you are keeping an animal out of its natural circumstance, it is important to provide it the most natural atmosphere at its living place, to keep it healthy and jolly.

The surroundings leave a great impact on the metabolism and reproduction of the animals. So using a good quality bulb for the bearded dragons, which emits lights and UVA and UVB rays like the natural sunlight is necessary.

The number and power of the bulbs are varied based upon the size of the enclosures. Mostly one single bulb is enough to keep the place warm and lighted, but if you are using a large terrarium then two bulbs may be required to be fitted.

Also check if the bulb emits too harsh rays, as in that case, you need to put the bulb above the enclosure and not hung inside it or in the ceiling of the enclosure. Mercury vapor lamps are expensive but you should invest in them because of the full spectrum light they offer.

Also you should get information about the fixture that the particular bulb needs. Some bulbs get fixed with regular fixtures while some has fixed requirement. Bearded dragons need UVB and UVA rays in limited amount so be sure about the emission of these rays while choosing the right bulb for your pet.