Best 10 Bearded Dragon Toys & Activities

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Bearded dragons, like human babies, need excitement and enjoyment throughout the day to stay healthy and happy. To initiate the regular exercise or some fun, you can get them some instruments which will make them interested in playing.

The activities make them healthy and stimulated. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to keep the pet best in health and also mentally agile.

The choice of toys for bearded dragon differs with their owners. Some prefer to keep the dragons mentally fit and thus they offer some fun instruments which are more of puzzle toys.

Some other owners believe in giving the dragon some chance to be playful while it is sitting lonely in the enclosure. However, physical activity is a much needed part of the daily schedule of the bearded dragon which keeps it fit and also does not let it fatten.

Best 10 Bearded Dragon Toys & Activities

Here we are offering a few choices of bearded dragon toys which can help you to get the right toy for your pet according to your personal choice and budget.

Simple ball

Small balls are great for almost all the bearded dragons. These are somehow multipurpose items which also arouses the attacking quality in them. Small, lightweight balls are just perfect when they want a quick workout.

When the balls roll away, they love to chase them and run a while during this phase. The balls should be light enough so the dragons can push it or attack it when it feels like.

It is a fun to see them react while the ball is around, as they sometime act like an attacker and other times it reacts to the ball as if it is a predator. Instead of regular balls, you can give it a hamster ball which comes with an opening. You can fill the ball with roaches or insect which the dragon will try to eat from the opening. This will build its logical sense and puzzle solving quotient.

bearded-dragonRubber duck

Different sized rubber ducks are available for kids and you can put them into the enclosure of your bearded dragon. It is pretty, soft and bright in color which will attract the dragons.

They can try to hold it and chew it as these are made from non toxic material. Also these are pretty lightweight so the dragon can push it when it chose. These are not to be torn easily so the dragons may not be able to tear it into pieces or gobble down small pieces of it. So there will be no chance of choking from the ducks.

Cat wand

When you are trying to find more than one toy for the dragon, it is best to find some budget friendly options. Cat wand just suits that scenario.

Your pet dragon will wake up with stimulation to chase the wand, try to hold the artificial mouse that is dangling from the other end of it.

This fun toy will allure with its multicolor stripes and the dragon will chase it and do many other playful things with it around them. This is actually a fun toy which does not cause any kind of harm to the pets.

Laser pens or laser pointer

This is not exactly a toy but it works like one. You cannot give it entirely to the dragon as you need to handle it. Using a layer pen for some time will make the dragon excited and also it gives you a chance to enjoy the company of yours for a while.

The dragons often try to grab the lighted point as they mistake it for a bug. However, if you are playing with the torch for too long, it can bore the dragon as they realize it is not really a bug. You should not repeat the laser pen game more than twice in a week, so the dragon takes longer to understand the reality of the game.


All the dragons love to dangle from the hammock that is set inside the enclosure. You must keep a natural fiber made one to ensure the safety of the dragon. Dragons often climb upon the hammock and bask in the artificial heating light.

When they are exfoliating, they rub their body against the rough surface of the hammock strings. There are various kinds of activities they perform in or around the hammock.

You must ensure that the hammock is tied strongly so the string does not come loose while the dragon is playing on it. That may cause the dragon to fall on the surface and hurt it. Also the hammock should be hung around the basking spot or the warmest spot of the enclosure where the dragon can lay and enjoy the warm UV rays.

Inflatable floaties

The lightweight hollow rubber toys filled with air is just the right kind of toy for the dragons. They can play with these at the bathing time. If you add these floating toys on the water while bathing the dragon, it will become more enjoyable for them.

Also bathing alone can make them tensed and thus when you add some floaties to the water, it makes the pool looks busy and the dragon feels safer. The inflatable toys are quite inexpensive and you will get them in a pack. Sometimes you may get a floating boat which can hold the dragon. You can make the dragon lay on it while floating on the pool.


Three way tunnels are something which can be added to the enclosure of the bearded dragon. This is best for the fully matured dragons. They can run inside and come out of the tunnel.

The easy coming and going options excites the dragon and they find enthusiastic about the various openings. If you want to make the game more interesting, you can add some roaches inside the tunnel, which will surprise the dragon while moving inside it. Also moving a cat want through the tunnel will help the dragon to chase and run along with it. This is a good exercise session for the dragon.


You can add a natural looking bridge inside the enclosure to make the dragon happy and playful. This is more of a decoration than a toy, but it can be an important part of the habitat of your bearded dragon. We always prefer to stay in a beautiful and natural surrounding and it is truer for a bearded dragon.

They are naturally desert creature so adding a stone textured bridge will help them feel energized. You can add some plants and branches to the bridge to make it look and feel real.

This is a nice way to keep the dragon away from the boredom it may feel inside the closed surroundings. Also if you try, you can make a bridge yourself. Using some excavator clay and DIY technique build a bridge which goes from one side of the cage to another. The dragon will climb up and get down from the bridge. It can have fun exploring these naturalistic additions.

Long feeding tong

This is again not a toy. Using a long feeding tong to feed the bearded dragon is a normal practice. It also helps you to avoid the scratches which the dragons make when they are agitated and you try to feed them. This device can also be used to stimulate the little reptile pet of yours.

You can hold the insect or roach with the tong and move it through the various decorations inside the cage. The dragon will chase the insect and it will automatically become energetic.

The dragons are naturally predator by nature and they love to chase the food and hunt for it. This game will give them the instinctive feeling of hunting the insects before eating it.

Cat toy

Crinkled wrapping paper makes the dragon excited and they tend to play with them for long hours, as reported by many dragon owners. The crumpled wrapping papers, which usually are wasted after one use, can be a fun element for the dragons’ enclosure.

You can take a big piece of wrapping paper and crumple it to make a crinkly ball, which can be thrown inside the cage of the dragon.

It will shine with vibrant colors as well as make sound when the dragon will try to hold it. Thus the dragon will be attracted both visually as well as audibly towards the ball.


The toys that you consider for your pet dragon must match some criteria. Safety is one of the prior facts you should consider.

The toys that you will bring for it should be made from safe materials and also these should not be fragile, as then the dragon can tore it in small parts and consume the parts, which can be lethal for it. Avoid toys that can break off or chip off easily.

Try to offer them colorful toys as the bright colors will attract them easily. The size of the toys will not be very big or very small.  When the toy is oversized, it will be difficult to handle and the pet will not be attracted towards it. At the same time if the toy is very small in size it can be swallowed by the dragon, which is totally avoidable.

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