6 Best Incubators For Bearded Dragon Eggs

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Reptiles are great as pets, as they can be good companions to us. When you plan of keeping a male and a female reptile together, then it is bound to be the case, which the female reptile will breed.

You must enjoy the breeding and hatching process and thus you can expect a good result. Here in this section, we will provide our picks for the best bearded dragon eggs.


Review Of The Best Incubators For Bearded Dragon Eggs

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Zoo Med Reptibator Egg incubator 
  • 1:Built in memory
  • 2:Less power consumption
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IVYX Scientific 5L Incubator
  • 1:Compact size
  • 2:Specific temperature control
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Little Giant Still Air Egg Incubator kit
  • 1:Consistent temperature
  • 2:Affordable
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1. Zoo Med Reptibator Egg incubator 

The brand Zoo Med is famous for their range of pet products. The incubator that they have brought is undoubtedly one of the best in range. This one comes with many useful features which are discussed below.

There is digital controller which will be read through the LCD display. You can see the temperature range from the display easily. You can control the temperature from59 degree to 104 degree Fahrenheit. The humidity display will show from 10% to 95% according to your requirement. The temperature alarm can be programmed so when the temperature goes down or rises up, you will be informed and can fix that.

Zoo Med Reptibator Egg Incubator

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There is a clear cover which allows you to inspect the progress of incubation. You will be able to vigil the process thoroughly. The Rigid heating element consumes 55 watt power. There is multiple water reservoirs inside the incubator base and the ventilation is allowed inside it. Also you can insert sponge to revive the humidity level. There is built in memory so even if there is power failure the incubator will be able to sustain the parameters of temperature and humidity that are set.


  • Visible lid
  • Built in memory
  • Less power consumption


  • High priced

2. IVYX Scientific 5L Incubator

This is a versatile machine which can work as a refrigerator or as an incubator. This machine allows you to control temperature from 0 to 65 degree Celsius. The gradual increase can be done by one degree at a time. The temperature fluctuation is minimal when kept in the same position. It also has the cooling ability of -23 degree.

IVYX Scientific 5L Incubator - Precise Temperature Control from 0°C to +65°C, 12V/110V

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This is a portable machine and takes up really small space when kept inside. It weighs only 9 lbs so you can carry it to anywhere you wish. It can hold product up to 5 liters and is a favorite with the apartment residents.


  • Compact size
  • All shelves get same heat
  • Specific temperature control


  • Wires can be faulty but return is easy

3. Little Giant 9300 Still Air Egg Incubator kit

You will get digitally controlled board in this incubator along with substrate to make the hatching plates ready. This one is particularly built for the reptile eggs and the digital hygrometer inside it allows you to measure the humidity. You can fix it to a certain point and later check if the amount is still unchanged.

Little Giant Egg Incubator 9300 with Circulated Air Fan

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This product is rust and warp free as there is resistant program inside it. The plastic screen will be easy to clean. It can incubate from 41 to 120 eggs as there is Little Giant 6300 egg turner.

The housing is made inside the incubator with insulated polystyrene foam which is also recyclable. There are windows through which the breeder can check the progress of hatching. There is LCD thermostat which checks the temperature as well as humidity level. The moisture ring allows the water to enter the system and keep the moisture content proper.


  • Consistent temperature
  • Reliable and accurate thermostat


  • Small sized

4. OrangeA Reptile Egg Incubator

In this OrangeA incubator, the temperature can be digitally controlled and the range is 5 to 60 degree Celsius. The heat provision is constant and you should not be worried about the egg’s condition. There is the current chamber which offers LED digital display.

The chamber of this incubator is spacious and it can hold upto 25L.of volume. There is built in handle which will take care of the incubator while opening and closing. This one is affordable when you compare it with other competitors.

OrangeA Black Reptile Egg Incubator 25L Capacity Mini Digital Incubator ReptiPro 6000 Portable Reptile Incubator Cabinet Style with Heating and Cooling 5-60°C 12V/110V Work for Small Reptiles

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This one works consistently and thus can be trusted to be a heavy duty incubator. This one can serve the purpose of heating and cooling the eggs. The inbuilt design is functional with two layers and shelves that can be slided. Also the sink is there which can be used to keep the temperature fixed. The LED display always allows the breeder to check the condition of the eggs.


  • Consistent temperature and humidity
  • Heats and cools
  • Spacious interior


  • Customer support not great

5. Q.F. Manufacturing 1602N Hova-Bator Incubator

This Hova-Bator incubator is greatly appreciated as the most economic and compact machine for this purpose. The special feature of this machine is, it allows thermal air to flow, and the radiant heat warms the eggs sufficiently by entering inside the unit. There is another vent at the bottom of the unit which lets the fresh air in and it flows out by the exhaust vent at the upper side.

G.Q.F. Manufacturing 1602N Hova-Bator Incubator (Optional Egg Turner) (1611 Automatic Egg Turner w/ 6 Universal Egg Racks)

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There are two windows at the top through which you can see the condition of the eggs. There are built in humidity channels along with plastic sanitation liner which keeps the temperature intact. Polystyrene made case is also heat resistant and preserves the inner temperature.  The wafer thermostat works to make the heat flow continuous.


  • Old and trusted brand
  • Pocket friendly


  • Small size

6. Exo Terra PT2445 Incubator

This is one of the best quality incubator which offers luxurious environment for the production of bearded dragon eggs. This gadget is tested for safety and health purpose, thus you can trust it for the small eggs. This is another renowned brand which has offered various trustworthy products for the pets.

There is digital temperature control which alerts you when the temperature rises or falls, and it is clearly seen through the LED viewer. You can expect no temperature fluctuation with this incubator. The interior light can be switched on/off which allows you to see the eggs without disturbing the hatching process.

Reptile Egg Incubation (Reptile Care Series) (Volume 1)

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The sliding shelves maximize space and also customize the set ups for keeping different number of eggs. You can add water to this incubator to maintain the particular humidity in the slide out tray. The heating and cooling capabilities are controlled so when t he heat is less or more, the machine will fix itself.


  • Wide space inside
  • Accurate control over heating and cooling
  • Temperature range wide


  • Heating disrupts seldom

What is the Incubation process?

First you need to create a tension free and comfortable atmosphere to let the female dragon lay her eggs. This is not part of the incubation but definitely the introductory part of it. Using proper substrate, which is moist but not dry, helps her to dig on and lay her eggs.

A sturdy plastic container should be ready a few inches of incubation substrate in it. You can lay the eggs on the box and keep the substrate moist. The eggs should be arranged with proper spacing between two. This is needed as eggs expand during the time of incubation.

Now you can transfer them to the incubator. 29 degree Celsius is the right temperature for the incubation. You have to check the incubator daily to make sure the temperature is sustained in such degree. The lid also can form condensation which needs to be wiped out, or else it will change the amount of moisture inside the incubator.

It takes approximately 2 months to see the eggs being hatched. The heads will start emerging but the yolk will be still stuck to the body. With time the yolk will also be absorbed and the babies will come out of the egg.

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Best Criteria to check while looking for an incubator

When finding the good incubator, you must keep a few features in mind, like the amount of temperature and humidity the incubator will be able to provide.

The eggs of bearded dragon need to be kept at 80 to 85 degree Fahrenheit and the humidity should be kept at 755. These measures are important and should be maintained accurately. So when you try to find the best incubator for the bearded dragon eggs, you must find something that can mimic the natural environment within itself.

The consistency of the temperature and humidity is all you need in the right incubator, as shifting in these parameters will result in wasting all the eggs kept inside it.


Bearded dragons are a somewhat special animal that needs special care at the time of breeding. So you should be well informed before you decide to breed the eggs of the bearded dragon and incubate it to bring babies of this reptile up. Hope this article will help you in this regard.