Best Insulation For Bearded Dragon Vivariums

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Bearded dragons always need to be in most comfortable temperature. When you are keeping them inside the terrarium, you must be aware of the fact that bearded dragons are cold blooded creatures and they need good temperature in their vivariums.

They come from the very warm environment in Australia, so when you are trying to keep it as a pet in a place which normally has cold weather, then you must ensure that their enclosure is insulated against cold and other natural issues.


Best 5 insulations for bearded dragons:

Here is our list of Bearded dragons Insulation.

1. Zoo Med Natural Cork tile background

This is a budget solution for keeping the vivarium of the bearded dragon warm. It is easily available on various online stores. There are several panels with large enclosure which can be used to fix inside the enclosure.

There are four sizes of tiles available, so you can choose the right one depending upon the size of your dragon and enclosure. It will not get affected by mold or mildew. These tiles are snugly fit and thus you do not have to worry much about losing the heat from within.

Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Background, 12 x 18-Inches

This makes a nice background and it is pretty easy to cut into sizes. The users have said that it is better than styrofaom backgrounds as it does not need glue or adhesive to be applied. The natural forest look it provides is soothing for the dragons.

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  • Natural look
  • Well sized
  • Easily fixed


  • Can get worn and torn fast

2. PeSandy Reptile carpet 

This brown carpet is great for the pet reptiles to be kept inside their vivarium. These are made of liner and fit the floor easily. This item is made from natural coconut fiber, which means there is nothing artificial about it.

These are easy to be cleaned and thus are low maintenance. You can clean it, dry it and roll it to keep the waste on the top. It is not needed to be cleaned every time it gets dirty, simply by shaking out all the dust from it will be enough. When you need to clean, just rinse it under cold water and it will be as fresh as new.

PeSandy Reptile Heating Pad with Temperature Adjustment, 110V Non-Adhesive Heat Mat for Reptiles Tortoise Snakes Lizard Gecko Hermit Crab Turtle Amphibians - 14W Removable Under Tank Heat Pad

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There is no risk of impaction by sand ingestion or by the chips or flakes of fruits that you feed your bearded dragon. Shavings bark or substrates will not be stuck into the mat so you can just give it a shake to keep it safe for your pet.

As there are various sizes of this mat are available, you will surely find something that fits your dragon’s enclosure. The quality is pretty good and t he users are pretty happy about this product.  As it is dry in texture, the heat holding capacity is good. It is porous in nature and thus the air trapped inside the mat keeps the temperature normal by contracting the heat within it.


  • Natural fiber
  • No harm
  • Easy cleaning
  • Light-weight


  • Can get worn and torn fast

3. Zoo Med DLX Porcelain clamp lamp 

This is a simple and effecting heating tool for the dragon’s vivarium. The Zee Med lamp comes in two different sizes so you can use the one which will suit the size of the enclosure. The ceramic socket that comes included in the package distributes the heat provided by the lamp. Thus it becomes more heat efficient product.

Zoo Med DLX Porcelain Clamp Lamp (Blk UL Listed) 8.5"

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The lamp is pretty easy to use and basic switch on-off process is applied to activate it.  The dome of the lamp is made of polished aluminium which increases light and heat at the same time. Also the emission of UV rays increases by 30% due to this dome. This lamp is used with heat bulbs or ceramic heat emitters


  • Efficient heating
  • Easy on-off process
  • Simple but useful clamp
  • Polished aluminium dome


  • Heavy
  • Over use can damage the lamp

4. iPower Reptile Heat Mat

This is a nice way to keep the vivarium tank heated. This mat is great for keeping the enclosure of any amphibian and reptile warm and comfortable. The design of this new heating mat increases the insulation and thus the heat is spread overall. After a few minutes the heat reaches certain point and then it stops getting heated up. Thus it saves the energy and yet the inside area of the enclosure remains warm.

This heat mat is waterproof as well as moisture proof, so it will not cause any accident. This is safe for scrubbing thus you can keep it clean by scrubbing all the dirt and grease. But soaking it fully in water is not advised, as that may damage the heating pad.

iPower 8 by 12-Inch 16 Watt Reptile Heat Pad Under Tank Terrarium Warmer Heat Mat for Small Animals

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The mat does to stick to wood, so you can use it safely if you are using a glass terrarium. The temperature will not be risen to very high limit. So if your dragon needs higher temperature, you should use another ceramic heat emitter with this pad. At the daytime a basking UV light is necessary to be paired with this product to get enough heat.


  • Safe for dragons
  • Easy to clean
  • Power saving


  • Not for wooden terrarium
  • Cannot be washed

5. Fluke’s Ceramic Heat Emitter 150 watts

This is another great invention for providing heat to the cage of the bearded dragon without emitting any light. This is a ceramic heating element that sticks to the enclosure wall or ceiling through screw on base. It works and looks like the regular incandescent bulb but emits infrared heat instead of light.

This is an ideal product for dispersing heat at the nighttime when there is no need of light but the heating system should run unless the enclosure will become cold. The nighttime heat needed by the bearded dragon will be amply provided by the ceramic heat emitter.

Simple Deluxe 150W 2-Pack Ceramic Heat Emitter Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb No Light Emitting Brooder Coop Heater for Amphibian Pet & Incubating Chicken

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Though this product can run 24 hours non-stop, you can add some lighting options at the daytime with it. The bearded dragons are desert animals so they might love the heated environment provided by this product. You can use this heat emitter with Fluker clamp-lamps.

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  • Efficient heat provider
  • No light so best for nighttime use
  • Teflon free
  • Safe for creatures


  • Heavy

What to remember about heating:

While keeping the insulation within the enclosure of the dragon, you must ensure that the heating does not get lost from one side of the place to the other wall. There is a baking spot on every vivarium and it should stay warm enough all the time. A ventilation process is needed but you have to keep in mind that there should not be too much open spaces, as the heat will be lost.

If you are owner of a bearded dragon, then you must know that bearded dragons love to bask for long hours. The basking area should be really warm as it should be around 110 degree Fahrenheit. So one side of the vivarium should be of this temperature while the other half of the temperature, possibly the half which is opposite to the vivarium.

A strong basking lamp could be hung on the ceiling of the enclosure while a thermostat can take care of maintaining the temperature. The lamp should not be lit more than12 hours a day.

After the sun goes down, the temperature can be around 80 degree as the bearded dragons are accustomed with lower temperature at the evening and during night. But that temperature should be least and it should not get any colder at night time. Ceramic lamps are good suggestions for this kind of heating. Pulse thermostat is used to keep the temperature in control. Keep the cool side cool and make the basking spot moderate hot, which is the requirement for keeping a bearded dragon healthy.


Since the bearded dragon is an animal that is used to live in naturally warm condition, we must keep some source of heating in their artificial enclosure. Heat is a crucial part of their health and well being, and they suffer from various illnesses if the heating system does not work. So after you fit any heating system into the vivarium, keep checking how it is working and how the health of your dragon is keeping with it.